Purposes For Conducting Qualitative Research

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Purposes for Conducting Qualitative Research There are four major purposes for conducting qualitative research. They are exploratory, explanatory, descriptive and emancipatory. The purpose of exploratory qualitative research is to investigate little understood phenomenon, to identify or discover important categories of meaning and to generate hypotheses for future research. The purpose of explanatory qualitative research is to explain patterns related to the phenomenon being studied and to identify plausible relationships shaping the phenomenon. The purpose of descriptive qualitative research is to describe and document phenomena. The purpose of emancipatory qualitative research is to create opportunities and the will to engage in social action. Step 1: Develop a theoretical and conceptual understanding of the phenomenon being studied; which includes performing background research on the theoretical foundations of the phenomenon and researching research conducted on the phenomenon’s field. This step involves making sure one fully understands the topic. One should have a clear understanding of the topic before moving further into the next step. A significant amount of research of the topic should be done to develop a clear understanding of the topic and how to approach finding background information in regards to what is being discussed. For example, with the topic of social media and college students, one should understand what social media is, how and why it is used, and
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