Pursing My Passion For Hockey Essay

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At the age of 15 I left home and everything that was familiar and comfortable to pursue my passion for hockey. Moving away from home to a boarding school over a thousand miles away from family and friends and into dormitory life filled with complete strangers marked the beginning of a journey that I had wanted to take as long as I can remember.
My goal was to play hockey in college; and consequently, moving away was a necessary step in the journey. Backed by the support of my family, I set off and was determined to reach it no matter the cost. Along the way there were countless hours of practice and training and sacrifice, but there were also times of great disappointment, such as not making the top team my first year. Persevering, I
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At times it took creating more hours in the day by waking up at 6 a.m. before class, or bringing my work on the bus during a weekend road-trip because at times it felt like there simply were not enough hours in the day. It was all a necessary part of being a successful student athlete. My life away from home and in sports prepared me very well by learning first-hand how important values like self-discipline, time management and determination really are.
These experiences have led to many positive changes in my life and most importantly, the pursuit of a new passion. I had always enjoyed my biology classes, but prior to my sophomore year genetics course, it was nothing more than that. This was the first class I had taken where there was an actual medical application for the material being taught, and I was instantly hooked. The course material commanded my attention and ignited a new passion that I had only previously felt for hockey. I was surprised and excited at the same time that once again I had the feeling of being passionate for something. A career in medicine could be something that I pursue with the same desire and hunger that I once chased a dream of college hockey with. An opportunity to pursue this new goal for not only the next few years but also through a lifetime of continued learning is what is most exciting to me. With this renewed interest, I began to apply a new level of dedication and commitment to all of my work, and have earned a 4.0 in each

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