Pursue Pharmacy As A Career Choice

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My decision to pursue Pharmacy as a career choice was something that started way before I even had the thought process to explain it; I recall being in 7th grade, having conversations with my friends about what we wanted to be when we got older, who we wanted to resemble, where we’d hope to end up someday. My answer was always the same. And, although I can’t pinpoint a time when it started, I know the desire to be a Pharmacist has been there for as long as I can possibly remember. When I grew out of middle school and sprouted into my high school roots, horizons grew wider and endless possibilities of career choices were poured out to me from different outlets; but still, my mind did not change. Through listening to academic lectures, participating in conversations with fellow colleagues as well as professors and mentors, giving my own hand to the community to hear their dilemmas and access a probable solution for their needs, and developing my own experience in the Pharmacy workplace, I have acquired a set of skills and relationships that have helped me learn a little bit more every day about entering the field of Pharmacy. Working as a Pharmacy Technician has been such a rewarding, gratifying experience; and has served me as a continuous informational journey. Every day, I get to learn more about patients (the former as well as the incoming), their significance in the pharmaceutical business, myself, and how critical the team I work alongside is so critical to my own
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