Pursuing A Career As A Social Worker

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My chosen career profession in life is to become a social worker. My current study of field is Human Services in Child Welfare. This field requires one to be very professional as well as having many characteristics to be good at your job. One of the main characteristics one must possess is being organized. Being organized will help you succeed in this job field actually any job field. Besides the fact that you may be dealing with a heavy case load so you need to have everything in order this also includes having yourself in order. A social worker can’t come to work and plan on working with a client looking disheveled and messy. One must organize themselves as well as their work space. I will be overlooking the photos in the Human Services slides.…show more content…
For the women typically dresses, suits, skirts with a white or solid color blouse and a jacket/ blazer would be considered appropriate. Nothing too short, tight and fitting; but also not baggy or too busy. Clothing can be a distraction. Women should not wear excessive jewelry either. As for their shoes they should be no taller than four inch heels, and closed toes. Some clients can have a feet fetish so toes should not be out. It’s okay to dress down if the workplace policy allows it; meaning some jeans. But keep in mind the attire should still be tasteful. For men should wear suits, nice slacks, button down shit, a tie (if they want to), and some kind of nice dress shoes or loafers. Boxers or briefs should never be visible, no shorts, nor sandals. Dress code with social workers are basically the same as anyone in the professional work…show more content…
I work as a claims specialist so I basically type up documents and talk to people over the phone maybe 20% of the day. But professionalism should be in every work place. Ways that I practice my behavioral attributes at work is how I carry myself. We don’t have a strict dress code policy. But I know it’s not appropriate to wear tight nor revealing clothes. I keep a professional attitude as well. Making sure not to bring my personal issues into the work place. If I am not having a bad day, then that’s left outside of work. I don’t take my problems out on others. Also controlling emotions is very important. Its sometimes the smallest things that make one step over the line of
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