Pursuing A Career As A Veterinarian

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The only jobs that interest me having things to do with animals, peoples healthcare just doesn’t interest me enough to make a career of out it. The two careers that interest me the most is either a veterinarian, or something in aquaculture. To be a veterinarian, you have to have your bachelors in biology, zoology, chemistry, animal sciences, and so on. After your bachelor’s you are required to apply and attend veterinary school which is another 4 years, after you will be required to take and pass a state test before you are permitted to practice. Veterinarians are often required to specialize in different areas and different animals such as, cardiology, oncology, aquatics, reptiles, exotics, and so on. To work in aquaculture it is recommended that you have a bachelor's in biology, it is not advised you major in Marine Biology because if you do you are allowed only to work with marine life, biology is a more broad major that doesn’t limit you to…show more content…
Aquaculturists are also advised to complete diving courses and have certifications to dive, most of the time more than 2. To work in both fields you have to have a strong head on your shoulders and you have to be able to shut your emotions off when you are working, you will not only deal with the up sides and the life but you will also have to deal with the sickness and death, and for vets, even euthanization. You have to learn how to regulate your emotions and it is recommended for vets they talk to family, friends, or even a counselor to make sure you stay healthy mentally and physically. Veterinarians don’t only work with cats and dogs, but they can work on anything like birds, turtles, snakes, lizards, tigers, bears, and every other animal in the animal kingdom. Most veterinarians work in a private practice or even a

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