Pursuing A Career In Comfort Zones

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Too often, the greatest obstacle standing between us and the career level we aspire to achieve is not an external force, but ourselves. We may have the right skill sets, experience, and connections, but we allow our own fears and limiting beliefs to hold us back. Instead of taking calculated risks to maximize our career success, we stay safely inside our comfort zones.

The comfort zone is a dangerous place because it offers the illusion of security. If we choose not to venture outside of it, we protect ourselves from the failure, rejection, and other possible negative consequences of taking a chance. Unfortunately, we also insulate ourselves from the opportunities available to us. Nobody has ever advanced his/her career by remaining in a comfort zone.

Career advancement will always involve risk and uncertainty. Common questions range from, "Will I be able to do the job?" to, "Will I lose the flexibility in my current schedule?" Every important change requires courage to face the unknown, and faith that the outcome will move you in the direction you want to go.

As you consider your next career step, think about the ways in which you may be holding yourself back. Are you hesitant to apply for a higher-level position? Are you reluctant to ask your manager for more responsibility? Are you remaining in a role
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They are the lenses through which we view the world. Although we believe them to be unequivocally true, in reality, they are only true because we allow them to be. If you find yourself encountering a limiting belief, such as, "They would never consider me for that type of role," or, "I could never be successful at that level," first, notice the thought. Most of the time we don't even hear ourselves. And then challenge it. Do you know with absolute certainty that that belief is true? If not, you owe it yourself to find out. Don't allow an unsubstantiated assumption to stand in the way of your career
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