Pursuing A Challenging New Career Opportunity With The Western Australia Police

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Career Objective

Having achieved a high level of competency as a highly accomplished multifaceted professional, I am actively pursuing a challenging new career opportunity with the Western Australia Police where I can utilise my extensive experience acquired in both public and private sectors, spanning more than 20 years. Leading by example and achieving exceptional results aligned with organisational direction, I have demonstrated a high level of proficiency in team leadership, teaching and training, human resources, records management and general administrative duties, maximising efficiency and effectiveness of the workplace. Confident I would make a positive asset to your team, I embrace the opportunity to work as part of a team to
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 A cooperative and contributing team player with the ability to work productively unsupervised.
 Strong problem solving, conceptual and analytical skills with the ability to achieve positive outcomes.
 Proven ability to multi-task with a highly developed organisational and time management skills.
 Strong leadership and supervisory capabilities with the ability to motivate and direct people at all levels.
 Competent keyboard skills with the ability to use various software, programs and Microsoft Office.
 Skilled and efficient in office administration and support including various document preparation.
 Highly developed research and investigative skills including the ability to make sound judgements.
 Demonstrated capacity to read and interpret technical/engineering plans, blueprints and drawings.
 Experienced working on a variety of projects including civil, commercial and residential.
 Excellent mathematical and numerical skills with the ability to think creatively and laterally.
 Capacity to follow technical procedures, follow instructions and work without supervision.
 Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, nurturing relationships with people at all levels.
 Proven ability to establish mutually beneficial relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.
 Multi-faceted and knowledgeable with a strong understanding of various
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