Pursuing A College Education : Is It Worth It?

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John McKeown
AP Language, Period G
Ms. Hasebroock
December 4, 2014
Pursuing a College Education: Is It Worth It? Due to some recent events in my life, I have been strongly contemplating on whether or not college is the right choice for me. My father went to college at St. Norbert College in DePere, Wisconsin and shortly after he received a job as a clerk at the Chicago Mercantile
Exchange. He slowly worked his way up to a trading position in the pit, which can be potentially very rewarding. When the business went electronic and more and more traders started using computers instead of traditional ways, he fell behind. With the economic recession of recent years he and many others were laid off and hung out to dry. My father wasted no time in his search for employment and soon landed himself a union job as a Stationary Engineer Apprentice in Local 399 Operating Engineers of Chicago. Now he has worked his way up and is on track to become a Stationary Engineer, he will be on a pay scale similar to that which he had while he was trading futures. If my dad had not wasted his time with college and trading he would have been in the union much longer and would be much better off. The story of my father’s misfortune makes me raise the question as to whether or not college is worth the money or time invested.
There are many options available to young men and women after graduating high school. Some of those options include going to college, joining the military, going into the
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