Pursuing A College Transfer Degree

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Pursuing a college transfer degree has several obstacles, that countless students, especially for low-income students ought to embark just to succeed since of self-doubt, not having enough finances and the change of scenery. Just as (Edison) said “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time.” In these images, you would analyze through my eyes as a low-income transfer student and comprehend the struggles that I remained obligated to tolerate on coming to Governor State University (GSU) from Kennedy-King College (KKC). The challenges that I remain enduring as a transfer student is demanding, extensive, and traumatic process. I chose to examine this issue from the perspective of the class of low-income students as being a low-income student myself, I wanted to show the struggles that we as transfer students are overcoming as a student. We as low-income students roughly asks ourselves these questions: How can I afford the university and books? How will I afford transportation? Should I live on campus or off? As for the world, there is 37.2 college student that transfer least ones in every six years said (Clearinghouse). They also said 53.7 percent student moved to a two-year community college from a four-year institution. Approximately low-income transfer students would need to improve in communication with their campus, increase your independent and adjust their appalling study habits-lifestyles. Therefore, my first
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