Pursuing A Community

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“In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.” Marianne Williamson. There is more to life than just yourself. I repeat, do not sit there and wait until the world gets worse. Your living space or environment might be comfortable, but what about others? We as a community should work toward coming out of our imposed circle. Even if only ten percent join to support the community that would be better than nothing. However, it's better to be a part of the solution, rather than to be a part of the problem. It is better to have tried and failed than to not have tried at all. The community we live in is beautiful within, especially since everyone has a unique…show more content…
Here's a flashback -- lately, I've been feeling down. I made my way all around Benton Harbor jogging and thinking about the neighborhood. On my journey it was unpleasant to see tree branches all over the sidewalks, where people walk. I remember having to jog in the streets because of the tree branches. I have seen trash everywhere such as pop bottles, chip bags, beer bottles, cigarette boxes, and clothing. Whenever some are done eating or drinking they will just throw it on the ground because they are too lazy to wait until they get home. Who wants to see trash everywhere they go? I have seen houses torn apart, doors, windows, and ruffs ready to fall in. I know there are families out in the community that need a home to stay in, instead of a shelter home with others. It's time to make change by realizing the effect of…show more content…
Instead of kicking students out of schools making it easier for us, I will bring in recent graduates to speak. I will make sure everyone from high school leaves with a diploma in their hand with integrity. I will make change in our neighborhoods by showing an example for others around me. Helping others is more important to me, than looking away and I will start a Arrive To Strive group for our community. The Arrive To Strive group will be able to build, repair, and clean to support the neighborhood. It is major to me that our neighborhood look its finest. If you need help fixing or finding a place to stay, we will be glad to help with that as well. By us doing these things, we will have a stronger community. The community we live in is beautiful, especially since everyone’s uniqueness contributes to its beauty. The unique souls in Benton Harbor are filled with amazing ideas such as painting the world a better picture. Let's do this with Joy, Honor, and
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