Pursuing A Master 's Social Work

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I am graduating Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Health. I decided to study health because the subject is of interest to me personally and professionally. Throughout my coursework in the public health program, I was introduced to numerous problems that face the healthcare industry today as well as health problems on a global scale. When these problems arose in class, I would find myself thinking about ways that I could solve these problems that people were facing in our society. I want to take on health problems and assist children and parents in hospitals with grieving, coping and processing the healthcare system. I wanted to be able to help navigate the rough waters of hospital and healthcare systems. With my knowledge of health and my desire to help people, I want to pursue a career path where I would be able to work one on one with people that are in need of assistance especially with medical decision and aid in the coping process. I am deciding to pursue a Master’s in Social Work because I feel this will best help me move forward with my career goals. The final decision to continue my education came with my practicum at the St. Louis Crisis Nursery. This fuel my ambition and desire to further my studies. I completed a three hundred hour practicum with the St. Louis Crisis. I chose to start my career after my undergraduate years at the Nursery because it was a step towards my goal of working with children and parents on a one on one
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