Pursuing A Nursing Career: Personal Narrative

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In order to reach one’s goal, the goal should be well defined, firm and the individual must be completely committed to attaining it. Pursuing a career as a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner has always been my driving goal throughout all my education and training since the age of seventeen. Over the past three years working within a Surgical Inpatient unit as a Registered Nurse, I have become aware of the lack of community resources and access to health care available in rural areas. This has inspired me apply to the University of Western Ontario’s Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner program for the fall of 2014. After completing my Bachelor of Science of Nursing at the University of Western Ontario, I am certain that no other…show more content…
Secondly, I am aware that within my community, all the health care professionals including physicians and nurse practitioners are over the age of fifty. Also, most physicians in the health care system are male figures. I would like to provide individuals with a fresh young attitude towards health care, where individuals feel safe when obtaining care from me. Another lady I am close to, who is over the age of forty five, has admitted to me she has not had a physical exam in over seven years because she does not feel comfortable seeing a male physician. I am motivated to obtain my Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner and provide care within a community setting rather than an acute hospital setting for these reasons. I choose the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner role over the NP-Adult or NP-Pediatrics, because as stated, I aim to be at the front line in my community and provide early education and health promotion on a wide range of issues in order to decrease hospital admissions, illnesses, and mortality rates. I have a strong passion to helping individuals, and I am dedicated to providing the best possible care in any situation. My dedication and overall passion for helping others serves as strong personal attribute that I will bring to the Nurse Practitioner role. 3. The professional and personal attributes that I would bring to the Nurse Practitioner role include my

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