Pursuing A Parson's Fashion Career

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In high school it’s really hard to concentrate and get the motivation to think about your future, and the type of lifestyle and job you want. It can often get overwhelming not knowing what you want to do and having so many options. Also thinking about your financial plans and making big decisions like if you’re going to college or not can be really stressful, but making a plan or narrowing your options make things so much easier along the way. Information such as what college you’re attending, what degree you want, and how long you are planning to attend are key steps, since it is very important to know what you’re putting yourself in, instead of jumping into something without knowing any information on the subject. I thought about the careers I’m interested in, did research, and this is what I came up with. Ever since I can remember one of the things I’ve wanted to study is psychology. Psychology ranges in different fields from being a therapist to just seeing how…show more content…
Fashion is actually one of the most competitive fields, and therefore there are a lot of schools and colleges for fashion designing and the best one happens to be in New York. Parson’s School of Design is one of the best colleges for art and fashion designing in the US, and they also have famous graduates such as Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, and Alexander Wang. Technically the best college for design resides in the UK and is called Central Saint Martins, but it’s harder to get into that one. In order to be a fashion designer you need a 2 to 4 year degree and requirements to enter Parson’s is a GPA average of 3.24 and your SAT and ACT scores. A fashion designer’s salary start’s around $33.170 a year but can go over $200,000 and benefits vary if you decide to work for a company or as an individual
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