Pursuing A Stressful Career

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I knew at a young age that I wanted to go into the medical field. It was an exhilarating idea that I could dedicate my life to helping others in need. I was debating on becoming a physical therapist, an anesthesiologist, or a nurse throughout middle school and high school. Ultimately, I decided to pick nursing because I felt the most familiar with it with my mother being a nurse and coming from a bloodline of nurses. Then came the first year of college when I realized that maybe I am not so familiar with the occupation after all. For example, I did not realize the magnitude of how stressful the occupation was. Only this year has my mother began to tell me how some days she would go without eating because nurses do not have a designated lunch break. She also told me how some of her female coworkers have been sexually harassed by patients regularly.…show more content…
I expected to learn literally the “History, Trends and Issues in Healthcare Delivery”. This course touched on what it was intended to touch on as well as some of the issues I mentioned earlier on, but not in detail. This assumption that nursing is a stressful occupation has remained over the course of the semester. There are so many aspects of the job that it is hard for a one semester course to talk about every single aspect one must be aware about. A lot of thinking goes into it. Regarding sexual harassment issues, I was told by my mother to be friendly with my patients but not too
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