Pursuing Doctoral Studies For Academic Excellence Essay

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I am mostly interested in pursuing doctoral studies to achieve my ultimate goal to become a prolific researcher as well as an inspiring, knowledgeable university-level teacher. Consequently, in the short-term, my goal is to gain knowledge and skills related to research and teaching especially during my PhD program. Additionally, in the long-run, I will spend most of my time practicing the knowledge and skills that I will have already acquired by teaching classes and seminars, doing research projects, as well as writing qualified academic articles and books. I will dedicate most of the time that I have after gaining a Doctorate degree in Business to the advancement of the academic excellence. In the meantime, I realize that at the moment my business knowledge is predominantly empirical gained mostly from my background experience both professional and academic (MBA). It is wide in nature as it covers many aspects of business practices. Yet, I miss the depth of the business knowledge. Therefore, my understanding on a more theoretical background of business and economic phenomena is limited. Pursuing a doctoral study would undoubtedly be necessary for me to enhance my understanding, particularly in terms of theory and concept. It is not only in terms of my comprehension of the subjects per se but also in terms of skills necessary in theory building and research capability. Those are, I deem, very critical elements in academic excellence. Moreover, I believe, all of these are
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