Pursuing The Social Work Field Of Education Essay

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It took a long time and a lot of careful thinking to decide to pursue the Social Work field of education now. Although I attempted to pursue my Masters in Education 16 years ago, I discontinued that program due to the realization that I was not mature enough to keep balancing school demands along with my full time workload. Reflecting back, I was more pursuing my Masters for the purpose of pleasing my family considering I was the first female in my family to even graduate with a Bachelors here in the United States. Fast forward, 16 years later, I’ve concluded that furthering my education with a Masters in Social Work is the best match and fit to continue enhancing my career in social services. As a Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist providing supported employment services, I support and guide my clients by taking steps toward their own career goals. I have found my purpose in life, which is to support transformation in others by connecting any type of community resource they may need in order to overcome their barriers toward their career choice. I have seen first hand how “work is therapy” and knowing that I supported and contributed to my client’s career plan, gives me the drive to keep enhancing my skills to impact my community even more. I am highly motivated to pursue a Masters in Social Work so I may have the access and ability to build and manage a team or organization that is just as passionate in supporting and guiding others. I’m also eager to provide
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