Pursuing a Career in Human Resources

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In addition, other roles listed, were lawyer, strategic planner, accountant, economist and leader (UoP, 2013). Each of these roles work hand in hand together so an organization can function effectively and efficiently. Managers in these functional roles need to make decisions that will not affect other department manager's tasks without putting the company in jeopardy of declining sales, declining customer base, and declining profits. Human resources is the oil in the engine, that allow businesses to perform administrative duties (recruit, train, and retain employees and managers) to accomplish the goals set out by internal stakeholders. Being a business owner, I am responsible for resolving employee complaints, mediating conflicts, building effective communication strategies, conducting performance reviews for promotions or demotions, and making decisions on who to layoff or terminate. As my business grows and I hire more employees, I must make sure they bring diversity to the work environment to build cohesive groups or teams that can be trained in various areas of my business. As part of my training and development program, I rotate employees every month to other areas of the business apply proper training and hands-on experience to understand what tasks needs…
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