Pursuing a Master's Degree in Creative Work

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For the past ten years, I’ve sought the answers to metaphysical questions through murals, photography, and sculpture. As an undergrad, I explored the darkest corners of my past and started an armor series that investigates psychological defenses. During this reflection, I discovered two opposing forces cannot exist alone and must co-exist to create nirvana. While in Laos, this theory was reinforced when I learned about Buddhism and the Middle Way. All in all, I am trying to understand and visually interpret the human condition.
Recently, I’ve become increasingly interested in the sociopolitical issues in the United States and the ripple effect is has on the world. I’ve noticed Individualism is championed in the West and Collectivism is in the East. We once led by championing Individualism, but entering the 21st century, we’ve become less tolerant of each other’s individual rights. Consequently, the Collectivists have lost faith in the individual’s ability to self-govern which resulted in societal “safety nets” that Individualists believe are deterrents to independence. Although, it is easy to blame our elected officials, I would like to investigate and expose the seeds and roots that have brought our instability to fruition. The seeds are we all, as individuals, and the roots are, also ourselves, collectively. Our greed, ignorance, and delusions have been undermining our foundation for years. Hopefully, by spreading the idea that our cause of suffering is our own doing, we
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