Pursuing an Mba Will Further My Career

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Pursuing an MBA will further my career


By pursuing my MBA I will further my career in the current work environment that I am in. First, I need to establish the importance of how others perceive me and how I fit in the profile of a manager; this will be done using the Jungian Personality Self-Assessment Test. Then I will construct an argument that will prove the advantage of pursuing an MBA to further my career is the right choice.
All higher level managers in my corporation have MBA’s. It is a prerequisite in the current corporation that I am in. My mentor suggests I receive my MBA to advance in the corporation. Not only with this help me professionally, it will also help me grow and use its vital aspects in my personal
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My mentor suggests I get my MBA to advance in the corporation. When my mentor was hired into the position of my manager, the vice president of our corporation saw that he had an MBA and it turned into a big talking point that they had during the interview. It didn’t seem to matter that he also gained his MBA from an online school. Once they saw he had an MBA from an accredited university, it was a check in the box which meets the criteria for an upper level management job in our corporation. My mentor tells me that people with MBA’s are more likely to reach top management levels with higher salaries.
Being able to apply management information learned by getting my MBA I will become a better manager. I will be able to take new information and apply it to my current management style. Learning about different subjects, interacting with other students, hearing their stories of both successes and things they can improve, I can take the best of what will work and incorporate it into my everyday management style.
By having an MBA, it is easier to move across industries if my job does not pan out. With the median salary around $85,000, down $5,000 from 2009 (Damast, 2010), for students just out of the MBA program, I will be able to leverage my experience along with the MBA to do rather well in the salary field. Experience along with an MBA makes me a more viable commodity when competing for a job. Most employers look for a good mix of experience and
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