Pursuing and International Career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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I am Chandan Kumar Gupta from Kathmandu, Nepal, presently employed with Tata Motors Ltd. as Manager in Purchase and Supply Chain department for past four years. I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself to the admission committee and to apply for Management Engineering Laurea Magistrale at esteemed Politecnico di Milano. I believe my educational and professional background will enable me to make a strong contribution for the research and coursework carried out for the Master’s degree. This academic objective is a natural step towards my ultimate professional ambition of pursuing international career in logistics and supply chain management. I belong to a small town in Nepal, where I completed my secondary education, as the…show more content…
During my time as Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET), I was exposed to best manufacturing practices in the automotive industry and provided with an opportunity to learn as well as implement engineering principles to various projects. My first assignment was to “Stabilise Production and Delivery of Tata Super Ace vehicle”, where I was made in charge of a production shift and had to supervise 18 workers. This assignment provided me with an opportunity to interact with workers and manage them. I prepared a Skill Matrix Chart of these workers which helped me identify their skills and expertise, and areas for improvement. Hence by assigning right person to do the right job and exposing them to necessary training programs, I was able to substantially increase their workmanship skills. The improvement in their skills had positive impact on their working and resulted into not only increasing the productivity by 28% but also drastically increasing the build quality of the vehicles. My second project was “Mapping production capacities of Suppliers at Tata Motors Vendor park”. As our plant was targeting to reach production of 1250 vehicles per day, we had to map out existing capacities of the 65 odd suppliers located at our vendor, from whom we sourced 80% of our components. This opportunity provided me with a platform to be exposed to diverse manufacturing

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