Pursuit Of Animal Research Essay

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The Pursuit of Animal Research We all benefit from the progress of modern science. However, many people do not realize just how society makes great progress in medicine, technology, and many other areas. Most people just accept modern medicine for granted and do not give a second thought about how scientists figured out how to replicate organs, perform a blood transfusion, and even provide insulin for diabetics. Many might wonder how exactly is great progress in medicine made? In our society today, there are too many rules and restrictions and too many corporations looking to make a quick buck on trying every new medicinal idea on human subjects. Since the human body is incredibly complex and we do not completely understand how everything functions together yet, it is considered inhumane to test new products and treatments on people since we do not have a perfect idea of what may happen. Instead of abandoning these projects, we…show more content…
This secret is obtainable without adventuring out in search for a fountain of youth or miracle from God. In fact, this secret has been a widespread practice for the past century. No longer will beautiful homes, successful lives, and cherished beliefs be demanded to be abandoned in search for the mystery of life. This secret is hardly a secret anymore. The key to unlocking longer life is in our wildlife all around us. Around the turn of the century, scientists realized the great wealth of studying species similar to our own. Using species with similar biological features to our own allows us to unlock secrets about our own genetic makeup. Secrets such as beauty and makeup, general nutrition and body functions, and even the ability to live longer have been unlocked through research of closely related animals. No longer will we have to succumb to the same diseases our ancestors fell to. We will be able to pave a new path for generations to come with assistance from animals at our
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