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The movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”, is about a movie based on the life of Chris Gardner, who was a salesman with a strong commitment to his family. As Gardner struggles to get ahead, he faces countless adversities and found strength in knowing that he is going through this to make a better life for his son. Although Gardner and his son became homeless, he had a desire to have a better life. He also managed to find moments to help shape and mode his son’s education with teachable moments.
People handle diversity in several different ways. I found similarities in the way Gardner handled his troubled life with his five-year-old son. Gardner found himself homeless a few times throughout the movie. The first time was the hardest seeing that he did not see it truly coming. He was staying at a motel dodging the manager until the manager sat his belongings outside the door and changed the locks. As he stood, there is disbelief, dumb founded as to what to do. He pulled it together to take his son to a nearby subway station. While
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When Gardner would walk his son to daycare, he would take the opportunity for even the smallest teachable moment. He pointed out the word happiness was misspelled on his daycare walk. With concerns his son was in the only daycare he could afford was only teaching him how to watch TV shows that the owner deemed to tell the history of our country. Likewise, I needed to put my son in a daycare that I knew was not where I wanted him to be, but it was the only place I could afford at the time. This daycare was over crowded leaving the children unattended to do whatever they wanted. Parents try their hardest to make sure their child is safe, but when you are faced with having to work to make an ends meat and need a daycare for your child during working hours you do the best you
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