Push And Pull Factors On Student Enrollment And Teacher Age Essay

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Ingersoll (2001) moved the discussion from the inexorable factors of increased student enrollment and teacher age, and from a myopic emphasis on attrition and hiring, to retention and the means by which teachers can be influenced to choose to stay. Push and pull factors. Push and pull factors are usually studied within the discipline of geography, specifically in migration studies. Since teacher retention is concerned with preventing migration by influencing teachers to remain in the profession, they provide an apt framework for approaching the demand-side of the teacher turnover problem. Push and pull factors are workplace conditions that contribute to attrition and retention. Push and pull factors may be environmental, political, economic, cultural, or any combination thereof (National Geographic) as well as demographic and social (Yaro). Push factors cause teachers to decide to migrate from a building or corporation or leave the teaching profession. They are negative factors, having to do with “dissatisfaction.” In contrast, pull factors are positive factors that influence teachers to remain in their current position, building, or school corporation. Supply-side approaches tend to be on a macro-level; for example, states which legislate scholarship and loan-forgiveness programs are enacting supply-side, macro-level policies. In contrast, demand-side approaches reflect micro-level needs and policy solutions enacted at a building or district level. Both push and

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