Push V Pull Strategy

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The business terms push and pull originated in the logistic and supply chain management,[2] but are also widely used in marketing.[3][4] A push-pull-system in business describes the movement of a product or information between two subjects. On markets the consumers usually "pulls" the goods or information they demand for their needs, while the offerers or suppliers "pushes" them toward the consumers. In logistic chains or supply chains the stages are operating normally both in push- and pull-manner.[5] Push production is based on forecast demand and pull production is based on actual or consumed demand. The interface between these stages is called the push-pull boundary or decoupling point.[5]

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[edit] Push Pull Music Marking Future

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Many media and music futurists have observed large changes within the music industry and predict larger ones to come. The introduction and success of social networking, along with the rise of digital music, has transformed the way music is marketed to the consumer; shifting from a push to pull strategy. The prior push strategy would feature a marketing campaign in total control of the message being sent out. The newer pull strategy has has been viewed as a shift in power from advertisers to consumers, and so is bad news for marketers. With the increase of social networking platforms and users, social networking has become a major and focal part to music marketing adopting the pull marketing strategy. Pull marketing shifts the emphasis and attention onto the customer, trying to market in the correct places by knowing who the target audience is. Consumers are increasingly customizing to better suit their individual needs. Rather than relying on music companies or a DJ to pre-determine the mix of songs on a CD, an increasing number of music listeners are downloading individual tracks and assembling their own sequence of songs. This process is also being replicated with

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