Essay on Push and Pull Factors in the Syrian Migration

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Push and Pull Factors The civil war in Syria is among the most recent civil wars. The war started on the 15th of March 2011.The wars led to one of the largest exoduses in recent history where millions o Syrians led their country to seek asylum in countries in their neighborhood and beyond. There was an ever-worsening humanitarian crisis that led to the civil war. The refugees resettled in various places including the United States of America, Lebanon among other destinations. The war broke out when the government wanted to intimidate numerous demonstrators of a famous group “Arab Spring”. This suppression of the demonstrators resulted in a nationwide rebellion leading to the devastation of places such as Aleppo with the…show more content…
(Semple, 13) The refugees have found themselves resettled in new countries while some of them are in UN refugee camps. Those in refugee camps are left to worry about their situation while lamenting the civil wars and hoping that one day one time they will go back to their homes are re-establish themselves. Their dreams were shuttered by this epidemic since the young who had not completed their studies were forced to terminate their studies unexpectedly. Those who had businesses to run had no mote chance of the same since they were forced to flee for the fear of their lives, (UNICEF, 2014). Some reported the Asian interpreter that they could not have fled if not for the fear of their lives, they said they valued their country and that it was very precious to them. The families further urged the media house not to use their last name or the fear that their relatives in the host countries would be punished if it was discovered that they did the interviews. Others have always found asylum in host countries. Most of the destination-countries are Arabic speaking thus the immigrants definitely find it easier to fit in the population added to the fact that they speak both Arabic and Turkish. They have resettled and joined the rest of the population in daily
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