Pushing Products through Advertising: Camera Advertising Essay

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There are many ads for different products these days on market. A product needs a good ad to attract many people and make good competition. Advertising has become part of producers’ life to win consumers hearts. All cameras serve the same purpose “to make memories memorable” or it is dead. There are different types of approaches camera advertisers use to attract the buyer to the product. Companies like Canon and Nikon use techniques such as glittering generalities, testimonial, need for affiliation and aesthetic sensation as propaganda methods to attract their buyers.
Maria Sharapova ranked number one player in the women professional tennis in the world, is used in a Canon commercial. This propaganda approach known as testimonial, Maria
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For instance, “CANON know how” that appears toward the end of the Canon commercial, as well as, “NIKON at the heart of the image” that appears at the top left corner of a full paged NIKON ad, plus several details describing the efficiency and quality of the camera like “the worlds first D-SLR” are used. Every consumer interprets these words in a different way. These words stir a positive feeling to a buyer that spiel over to the product.
Similarly, both Canon and Nikon ads have a need for affiliation. The smiling faces of the men holding the camera seems to appreciate the images on the camera screen. In a way these products may bring people together especially the events in which they are used. This type of propaganda technique targets customers who often get together and keep memories alive.
On looking at both ads, the eyes are attracted to the object that stands out most. The details of the camera, lenses, and all the additional pieces the camera contains are made to tell more of the product. This kind of propaganda known as the “need for Aesthetic sensation” is used to make thing look better than they truly are. In this ad, the background has diminishing, unclear objects that makes the specific objects standout. This type of advertisement propaganda is used to attract consumers to the beauty of the product.
In conclusion, due to
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