Put Forward By Un Is A Challenge For Every Country

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This goal, put forward by UN, is a challenge for every country. Together with the main goal, five small targets describe the goal in a more detailed way. According to my analysis, four of the five targets are unmeasureable, and most of them are curently measured in part. Question 1 Among the five targets, according to my opinion, 7.1, 7.3, 7.a and 7.b are unmeasurable. For target 7.1, what percentage of energy consumption among the whole is called “affordable”? Because of the uneven distribution of natural energy resources and the different stage of a country’s economic development, the reasonable energy consumption percentage is totally different. Besides, currently there are large areas still have not established an accomplished database. Thus, we could not get a complete and credible data from those areas. This uncertainty will also influence the measurement of target 7.b, which mainly focuses on supplying sustainable energy services for all, particularly in LDCs and SIDs. Target 7.3, focusing on improving energy efficiency, is also hard to measure. With new technology and information available, fields like housing, building, communities, industry, and transportation all have the potential to use energy more effectively, making the rate of improvement of efficiency difficult to count. Also, due to limited regional specific data, our measurement for the global range is just a rough calculation. As for target 7.a, we could not get a particular number of how much

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