Put Yourself In Someone's Shoes In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the novel, ‘To kill A Mockingbird’ the theme of put yourself in someone’s shoes appears many times. This is important to the book because it shows us that never judge someone without knowing the entire story. The characters put themselves in someone’s else shoes in different ways. Jem begins to understand Mrs. Dubose, Dolphus Raymond not being a drunk, Tom Robinson feeling sorry for Mayella, and Scout seeing Boo’s point of view from his porch.
One example of of when the character putting yourself in someone’s shoes is when Jem goes to Mrs. Dubose house and read to her. Jem didn’t know why atticus made him go to Mrs. Dubose house and read to her. Later on he learn from atticus that she is very sick and also she can’t hear very well. Also
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Tom see that Mayella has no one in the house that can take care of her take care of her because her mother died when she was young. She was also forced to be the woman of the household at a very young age and that means that she couldn’t enjoy being “young”. Tom lean that she didn’t get true respect in the house because Mayella got offended when atticus called her mama to pay respect but Mayella took that offensively. The third example is Mr. Dolphus Raymond. He acts like he is always being drunk so he has an excuse for his behavior. He likes to date black woman not white. He also want people to think that he doesn’t know what’s going on around the town. He also didn’t want to be accused/ “put on the spot” for anything that happens around the town. The final example of this topic is when scout was on Boo’s porch. Atticus explains to Scout in the novel, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view..until you climb in his skin and walk in it.” This quote was used in chapter 3. At the end of the book Scout stand on Boo’s porch and get to see his point to view. She saw how the town look in boo’s eyes. Then she flashback to the time when she was younger and remember how much they have been
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