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Putin and Orange Revolution
24 September 2011 was a significant day when Vladimir Putin announced that he would run again for president. That was the first open and clear statement that there is no hesitation and he is the next Russian president. It became clear for many Russians that their opinion was disregarded, that nothing actually depended on their votes and nothing would change. The following government election and protest actions have drawn attention of the whole world including common Russians, whose political interest and activity had not been always the same before.

“There is no one to talk to since Mahatma Gandhi died“
Overall, Putin can be described as a charismatic leader with a range of characteristics of a
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Russian government and Putin have shown almost no reaction to the most important fact happened since Soviet times. It was stressed that it was normal that the opposition were not pleased with the election results, but those people are a minority. Navalny was accused of extremism and working at the behest of the US state department to generate an Orange-style Revolution. The following government-organized protest actions called the "Anti-Orange protest" were meant to show that the pro-Putin part is the majority. Those Russians who are against Putin and his politic were named extremists, who are “against Russia” and “for Revolution”. Putin compared the opposition white ribbon symbol to a condom and said that 50000 people who took part in the protests must have received money for this action which is sponsored by the US government.

What is next?
It is clear to everyone that it is the high time for changes and it is not acceptable anymore to ignore the evidence of a new environment, new political and social situation, and there should be a new approach. The wrong thing is just ignoring this and pretending that everything what has happened for the last months is just a normal process, trying to „fit broken pieces together“ and covering everything by faking media reports or downplaying the significance of the whole protest campaign. There is a significant „turbulence“and there is a high need in changing the leadership style of the leader… or
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