Putnam's Claims About The World Are False If One Were A Biv

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Putnam argues against the Cartesian belief that all of one’s claims about the world are false if one were a BIV. Putnam instead argues that one’s claims about the world are true even if one was a BIV because a BIV’s claims are consistent with what it appears to be experiencing. However, Putnam also acknowledges that although a BIV’s claims about its world are seemingly true, its claims differ in reference, meaning and in truth from those made by a non-BIV. Putnam supports this claim by arguing that one cannot reference a type of object unless one comes into causal contact with it. A BIV, in this scenario is said to live in “a world in which the only objects are brains, a vat, and a laboratory containing supercomputers that stimulate the envatted

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