Putting Life To Work Analysis

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The following visual analysis concerns Richard Ibghy and Marilou Lemmens exhibition Putting Life to Work, presented in partnership at the Owens Art Gallery at Mount Allison University from 20 January to 12 March, 2017 and at the Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen at l'Université de Moncton from 27 January to 26 March 2017. Curated by Véronique Leblanc and organized by the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia University. Putting Life to Work demonstrated the academic inquiry into the relationship between art and cognition.
Lemmens and Ibghy’s art work evokes post modernism and conceptualism as it is defined by the 2004 Oxford Dictionary of Art as “various forms of art in which the idea for a work is considered more important than the
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The artist can express their idea with whatever will be the best material or technique that will communicate their idea from a performance or with pieces of sticks and thread which you find in Ibghy and Lemmens art works. (4)
Oliver Sacks said, Mimesis is the powerful means by which art works convey their cognitive and emotional content and a way of representing reality with one’s body and senses, a uniquely human capacity no less important than symbol or language” (5)
I thoroughly enjoyed Marilou Lemmens and Richard Ibghy’s exhibition and artist talk. The models of the graphs they have created were tangible and engaging. At their exhibition, I was imagining what it was like to literally count my inhalation and exhalation following the knots on the graphs playing the game of economics and the conceptual idea of making work productive. Pretending I was part of the corporate team redesigning and redefining the work space to make it more productive and more
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“This exhibition the transformation industrial modes of production. We’ve been looking at how practices of labour and the organization of labour have changed with those transformations.” (12) Ibghy and Lemmens have developed a collaborative practice that combines a concise approach to the form and construction of the art object with the desire to make ideas visible. (13) Artistic practices represent a field of work where a lot of the characteristics that began to emerge in post-industrial production were present beforehand with the emphasis on collaboration, creativity, and self-motivation.
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