Putting The Edge On Xbox Live

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Putting the Edge on Xbox Live Once upon a time, there was a pretty little system that pushed the limits of what was possible in that day and age. In today’s home-entertainment market, it is becoming increasingly difficult remain competitive and stay in the game. According to the MIT Technology Review (2015), Nintendo and Sony did not even make the list, with Microsoft landing the number forty-eight spot; and yet, these three companies are the leaders in putting entertainment in our living rooms, dorm rooms, staterooms, mess-decks, and anywhere else we humans decide to have a television! The technology industry grows by leaps ever year, with established companies looking into the future for ideas and start-ups looking at what is needed today. To endure in the race, entertainment technology companies must utilize the newest and fastest components, the software that is best tailored to their organization’s applications and needs, and the ability to both listen to the customers and to visualize what modifications or new features are needed in their systems to stay ahead of the competition. For Microsoft, Xbox Live is the backbone of the company’s entertainment service. As information management systems go, Xbox Live (also known as Microsoft Live, Xbox OS, or simply Live) is fairly complex; although the system is like many other information management systems in that it relies on both client and server-side hardware and software. As the recent update to Windows 10 will…

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