Putting a Stop to Smoking

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It is shocking to know that there are about ten people who die from smoking every single minute, and nobody seems to have any idea about it. Indeed, there is “a growing gap between the real world and the academy” since people are more intellectual about things that are irrelevant to the real life and are ignorant of things that are imperative to live in the real world (Orr 310). Did you know that there are over four hundred thousand deaths caused by cigarettes and tobacco each year in the U.S. alone? That makes it about five million deaths worldwide each year, according to “Statistics about Smoking.” Smoking is notorious for causing avoidable diseases and deaths, and yet not many institutions have develop an appropriate system to…show more content…
They should be able to help teens learn the ugly truth about tobacco, know what goes in a cigarette, and also say “No!” to smoking. While peer pressure is accountable for provoking teenagers to smoke just for the sake of it, advertisement is more responsible for initiating young adults to just puff their lives away for acceptance. According to Martin, about eighty percent of American advertising executives believe that advertising is very effective because it makes smoking more appealing and socially acceptable to children. The tobacco industry is making billions and billions while hundreds of thousand are getting hooked on tobacco through the use of advertisements and media ploys. Advertising is by far the most effective and prominent way tobacco companies use to induce young adults. To successfully combat smoking or to eliminate tobacco companies altogether, hopefully sometime soon in the future, an ideal student must learn to recognize and to resist the many elements tobacco companies use in advertisement to hook young adults. One of the elements that often appears in the media is the association of young, attractive individuals with cigarettes to convey to the youth that smoking is appealing. This method works very well because many think that smoking enhances their self image and attracts other. The ideal student should be able to recognize that ads are deceiving and should

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