Pw 3-10

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PW 3-10: Understand children and young people 's self directed play Outcome 1 1.1 The characteristics of Self-directed play are freely chosen, personally directed, intrinsically motivated and goalless. Freely chosen play is where the children choose what they would like to do. Personally directed is where children choose how they want to do it. Intrinsically motivated is where children choose why they do it. Goalless is where they play with no external goal or reward. 1.2 The importance of observation to anaylse children and young people 's play is it helps you to identify the children 's play needs and play preferences. It is also important because it helps us as playworkers to discuss the effects of change in ambience or…show more content…
For example riding a horse, pretending to be a car or a tree or patting a imaginary dog. Locomotor- activities that involve moving about. For example playing football, chasing each other. Mastery- play activities that exert control over aspects of physical environments. For example making dens, digging holes. Objective- play which uses infinite and interesting sequences of hand-eye manipulations and movements. For example building blocks, train track, junk modeling. Recapitulative- play through which children access the play of earlier human evolutionary stages. For example pretending to be dinosaurs, and exploring history. Role- play is play that explores straightforward everyday action. For example playing in the home corner, pushing a pram, using a mobile phone. Rough and tumble-where the children explore their strength without being hurt. For example play fighting, doing forward and backward rolls. Social- where children play together. For example playing house, drawing and outdoor play. Socio-dramatic play- children act out real or potential experiences based on situations they see in their lives. For example drama, role play, puppets. Symbolic- play where an object may symbolise something else. For example using a piece of train track as a pirate sword. Outcome 3 3.1 The main health and safety and security requirements that apply to a play environment are that the facilities are clean and
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