Pw Unit 1

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1 speakout Intermediate UNIT 1 IDENTITY Overview Watch the video podcast. Do you have anything in common with the people and their families? 1 Read the text about Pasha. Then watch the video podcast from 0:11-0:26 and underline the words you hear. Pasha Hello. My name is Pasha. I work 1 in/for the BBC and I do a lot of DJing in my 2 free/spare time. Originally, I 3 come/am from Moscow, 4 but most of my family live/lives in New York now. Today I’m 5 speaking/talking to people about their 6 families/relatives. Tell me about your family. Glossary: DJ = disc jockey; DJing = being a DJ 2 Read the places and nationalities in the box. Then watch the video podcast from 0:28-3:26 and number the words in the order you hear them, 3-17. THREE…show more content…
I think I’m similar 7 my father: we 8 have a mathematical, ‘science type’ mind… Um, I look 9 a lot like my sister. But she’s 10 a younger version of me. And she’s thinner. And then, my mum, she’s a 11 more reserved, so she’s very organised and my dad is 12 louder, a lot more enthusiastic. Glossary: we have, like, the same height = a slang word with no real meaning that is used a lot in spoken English, esp. by young people. It gives the speaker time to pause and think; build = body shape and size; sort of = when what you say is partly, but perhaps not exactly, true; trait = characteristic; enthusiastic = get excited about things © Pearson Education Limited 2011 page 3 1 IDENTITY speakout Intermediate UNIT 1 Personalisation 7 Write your answers to the questions. 1 What’s your family like? ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ 2 In what ways are you like your parents or siblings? ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ 3 What do you know about your family history? Would you like to
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