Pwc Awareness Case

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Michael Meserole II
Professor Lewis
Org. Behavior
November 6, 2016
Case Analysis: ARISE
• Atmosphere
1. Lavender Scented Air
2. Earth Tone Décor
• Close Relationship with PWC
1. Bond between customer and employee
• Bring a Friend Program
1. Steered customers to bring a friend to ARISE and receive free or discounted products
• All-Star Team Plan
1. Tipping increased by 20%
2. Employees liked working in teams
• Gym Fees
1. Newly added fitness center fee brought $20,000 to revenue

1. Reached out to local celebrities
2. Appeared in magazines and newspapers
• PWC Turnover
1. 55% of customers left
2. Tipping was not what employees were told it would be, about 50% lower than what was expected.
• Responsibilities and Duties
1. PWCs had to try and sell products along with cleaning up after themselves. Also, restock supplies.
2. Some PWCs were seen as “slackers” so those who didn’t restock found themselves rushing around looking for supplies.
• Chambers not as involved as in the beginning
1. Gave Twyla Thompson control of ARISE Spa Operations, implemented All-Star plan without Chambers even looking at it.
2. Thompson and Solti never could see eye to eye and couldn’t reach agreements.
• Lacking Reasons for Employees to Stay
1. Tipping was
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The turnover has to be closer to zero especially when using full time employees which is different than other spa companies that use contract employees. The All Star Plan was a success in certain ways as it gradually increased tipping rates but, there is still need for much improvement. The low organizational commitment that ARISE has is reason for the turnover rate. ARISE needs to create total organizational commitment and it needs to start with perceived organizational support. The employees need to believe that the organization values what they do and cares about their well
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