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TABLE OF CONTENT CONTENTS | PAGES | 1 Question 1: Three-generational genogram | 2 | 2.Question 2: Ecomap | 4 | 3. Question 3: a) Story as seen from perspective of each family members | 6 | b) The story from the vantage point of the family position in the family life cycle | 7 | 4. Question 4: First-order cybernetic description | 9 | 5. Question 5: Second-order cybernetic description | 12 | 6. Reference | 15 | Ecosystemic Assignment no: 3 PYC4808 UNIQUE NO: 536936 QUESTION 1 Three-generational genogram of the Bird family Mavis’ stepmom Mavis’ stepmom John’s mom John’s mom Family A (John’s family) Family B(Mavis’s family) Mavis’s father Mavis’s father Mavis’s mom Mavis’s mom ? ? John’s father…show more content…
Mavis has two sisters who was removed from parental home to foster home. Her younger brother was also diagnosed as a schizophrenic which would have added to the chaotic home environment. In the scenario it seems as if Mavis’s siblings were no longer in maintaining contact with their biological parents. After her parents divorced when she was five, Mavis’s mother did not get custody of the children. It is unclear whether both Mavis and her younger brother were placed with the father but it is known that Mavis lived with her father and his new wife. There is indication of conflict between Mavis and her stepmother, as the stepmother kicked her out when she was eighteen years of age for returning home later than required from a party. Another element of instability is the suicide of a close friend. After living home Mavis then lived with the deceased’s mother. Her marriage to Howard was also unpredictable due to his drug dependence and alcoholism. Mavis divorced him soon after the birth of their daughter April. Her second marriage to John presents as more secure, but is described as “weak”. She is now caught in a dysfunctional family triangle. John- He also grew in unstable home environment. His parents divorced when he was seven and lived with his mother and her new husband. He had a stepbrother by the name of

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