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1.4 Sharing power
Sharing power is essential, the programme of prevention cannot be an 'us vs them' mentality.

1.5 Sense of community
Community psychologists sometimes strive to foster a sense of community in a group. Members participate in communities in part because their needs are met by connecting with other members. Members are also attracted to communities in which they feel influential, share commonly held ideals that can be pursued through involvement in the community and experience a sense of belonging (McMillan & Chavis, 1986).

1.6 Level of analysis
Intervention may concern itself with more than one level analysis as individuals exist in Microsystems. One person or a group can influence another.

1.7 Radiating effects
This can go both ways either positive or negative. Change in social setting may have a direct or indirect result that was unintended.

2. The Community
The community in which I live in and where the intervention will take place in located in Newlands East, Durban. There are 3 high schools in the area and 4 primary schools, there is one sports grounds in the area and a shopping centre where basics can be bought. There are single dwellings or houses in the newly developed area but majority of the residents live in flats and duplexes. Privacy is rare and this is a close knit community. There ade no recreational facilities except the sports ground.

3. The Problem
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