Pygmalion And My Fair Lady

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Amanda Franks
Professor Egenolf
Response Paper 2

Pygmalion and My Fair Lady: A Comparison George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion (1916) and the 1964 American film My Fair Lady, based on Shaw’s play, are largely similar in plot and character choice; My Fair Lady being an adaptation of Pygmalion. Shaw’s Pygmalion is based on the Greek myth of Pygmalion and his statue Galatea. The film interpretation is similar to the play in many aspects, though it is different in that, because it is a film, the creators had more liberty with scenes and props used. My Fair Lady is a successful movie adaptation of Shaw’s Pygmalion in that it conveys most of the message Shaw wrote, introduced very similar characters and storyline; however, the film adds in musical elements, more extravagant examples of scenes, and slightly different themes and emotional responses than the play itself has to offer audiences. My Fair Lady is basically a straight adaptation of Pygmalion – much of the script is the same dialogue as the play exactly, or with a few words changed, and takes direct quotes from Shaw’s writing. The characters have the same names that Shaw gave them, and their personalities are quite the same in both the play and the film. Directors did not leave any character mentioned in the play out of the movie, even if they were only spotted for a very fleeting moment, like the women of the Eynsford Hill family at the horse race. The similarities of Professor…
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