Pygmalion Essay

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The distinctive voices, characteristic in any text/s, can be deconstructed to develop an understanding which may validate, challenge or disprove society’s values and/or beliefs within a given context. Language, in all its forms, is a human thing, and allows the traces or imprints of human use, not inherently but in its use. A text may promote obvious distinction between the authorial voice and character's viewpoint. This can be seen in the play of Pygmalion in by George Bernard shaw and the film Pleasantville directed by Gary Ross. Both of these texts show distinctive voices through dialogue the use of dialogue which highlights the relationships and differences between characters.
Pygmalion is a play in five acts. It is about a young
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Another distinctive voice in Pymalion is that Henry Higgins . is an important character in the play as he is Eliza’s tutor. He Is an expert in phonetics and is very proud of his skill and his ability to transform Eliza into a lady. However he fails to follow the rules of social conduct when they are out in public. This is evident in Act III when he was rude to the hostess saying: “fearful bore for you this sort of thing. Forgive my part in it”. However he is most rough with Eliza. His voice is characterised by the severe tone, high volume and use of profanity or insults. He also uses a harsh tone, particularly when talking to Eliza e.g “You won my bet! You! Presumptuous insect!/ I won it.” In this quote he uses exclamations, repetition and italics to show his emotion.This quote uses exclamations and repetition of you to emphasise his emotion. He also uses the metaphor of Eliza as an insect to communicate his anger but also create the sense that she is small and meaningless. This quote shows his inability to acknowledge that eliza worked hard for the bet. “ Damn Mrs.pearce ; and damn the coffee; and damn you: and wildly damn my own folly in having lavished my hard-earned knowledge and the treasure of my regard and intimacy on a heartless guttersnipe”. At this point Mr.Higgins has truly lost his temper. This is shown in the repetition of the curse “damn”. He has been hurt by what Eliza has said because he believes that she is ungrateful. Eliza has won
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