Pygmalion's Obsession with the Statue of Cyprus Essay examples

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Pygmalion's Obsession with the Statue of Cyprus

Pygmalion decided to portray women as he searched for the most perfect being and he hadn't found any in Cyprus. He placed all his love and wishfulness in his statues and so the most beautiful of his creations was sculpted. Pygmalion, being a man, and having 'animal' urges, must have wanted a partner to share his emotions and get frisky with, so this was the perfect idea for him. What could be better, a woman with beautiful looks, and never talks back or argues with you? Bliss. Since no one came up to his expectations, it became an obsession that he wanted the perfect wife. Or maybe he wanted to show off to his mates that he had the perfect woman in Cyprus, even though it was
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Ovid describes this phenomenon incredibly well when he says that Pygmalion feels that his fingers are sinking into her limbs: "et credit tactis digitos insidere membris, et metuit." This is a perfect representation of the human psyche at work. All these reasons contribute to the explanation and, I think, explain fully why Pygmalion acts the way he does. It is meant to be a representation, to a certain extent, of what someone in such a desperate situation might do. It also poses the question of causation,
i.e. the extent to which human actions are determined by such
'formative' experiences.

At the start of the story we are vividly told about the type of women in Cyprus, where Pygmalion was king. The women there led lives in wickedness and he was offended by their many vices, therefore he was a bachelor, doing without a partner in marriage for a long time.

quas quia Pygmalion aevum per crimen agentes

viderat, offensus vitis, sine coniuge caelebs

vivebat, thalamique diu consorte carebat.

Pygmalion was so happy that he had created the most beautiful woman, he gave it all his love which he had not shared for many years. I think, in a way, Pygmalion is acting like he is dating a girl for his first time. He seems to be trying to buy her friendship and love, by giving her such gifts as shells,

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