Pyramids Research Paper

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Pyramids A pyramid, by definition, is a type of ancient structure that is massive in scale and has a square base with four sides that form a triangular shape. These pyramids were constructed thousands of years ago and still stand strong. They were built by the ancient Egyptians, by basically piling loads and loads of materials on top of each other in the shape of a pyramid. It seems like a simple process but it was very time consuming and required a lot of analyzing to make sure the pyramids turned out symmetrical. Since these pyramids are still in decent shape, it shows how well they were built. The materials used to build these pyramids consisted of mostly stone, wood, and copper. The egyptians were very limited when it came to supplies. The…show more content…
These pharaohs were believed to live forever, even after death. The pyramids were supposed to help them in be able to live in the afterlife. The dead pharaohs were mummified and then stored in tombs inside the pyramids. Since the egyptians spent a great deal of time and effort into making these pyramids, it shows how important the afterlife was to them. Building these pyramids was a very important part of their life. Ziggurats, on the other hand, were not used to store dead bodies, they was used for more religious and ceremonial purposes. Other pyramids, like the Aztec stepped pyramid called the Templo Mayor, was used for rituals and was used to perform sacrifices. These magnificent structures called pyramids, have had many purposes and importance to many. Not only did they serve as tombs for important pharaohs, but they were a place for religious practice, ceremony, and rituals. These structures hold great significance because they give us an insight as to what the egyptians viewed as important in their lifetime. It gives us some history on ancient egyptians and their abilities. The time and effort put into these structures show how significant they
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