Pyramus And Thisbe Vs. Romeo And Juliet

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Kevin Lord Josue
Prof. Elizabeth Fogle
CAMS 045 Final Paper/Final Draft
August 15, 2014
Pyramus & Thisbe vs. Romeo & Juliet
Tragic love stories have always been appealing to the literary world. This would be seen in Ovid 's "Pyramus and Thisbe" and William Shakespeare 's "Romeo and Juliet". Ovid, one of Rome’s greatest poets, was famous for The Metamorphoses. His love stories were deeply emotional, yet very tragic. The story of "Pyramus and Thisbe" is the most emotional story in The Metamorphoses and the most referenced in love tragedy. William Shakespeare 's best plays were his tragedies, starting with "Hamlet" all the way through to "Macbeth." No one knows exactly which source Shakespeare directly drew from to create the well-known tragic romance, "Romeo and Juliet", but it 's pretty clear that somewhere along the way there was some major influence from “Pyramus and Thisbe.” Both stories, although written in different era share one key theme: love and tragedy. We fall in love and when once we do something rare and beautiful is created. Unfortunately not all love stories have happy endings. The lesson learned in both "Pyramus and Thisbe" and "Romeo and Juliet" stories will be the focus of this essay.
Pyramus and Thisbe were lovers whose houses side by side to each other. They were considered so beautiful that “If you searched all the East, you’d find no girl with greater charm than Thisbe; and no boy in Babylon was handsomer than Pyramus” (Ovid 111). Overtime from living

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