Q. Why Have Socialists Supported Collectivism and How Have They Sought to Promote It?

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Collectivists believe the individual should be subordinate to the collective, which may be a group of individuals, a whole society, a state, a nation, a race, or a social class. Thus, collectivism contrasts with individualism, which emphasizes the liberty of the individual. Socialists emphasize the fact that people usually prefer to achieve goals collectively rather than independently. This is stems from the Socialist view of human nature, in which a man is seen as a social animal, who prefers to live in a social group rather than alone. Socialists assert that action taken by people in organised groups is likely to be more effective than the sum of many individuals' actions. Socialists have traced the origins of competition and inequality…show more content…
Early Socialists accepted that the introduction of Socialism would be by a revolution, Marx described this as the "dictatorship of the proletariat", accepting the violence that would inevitably accompany this. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, there were revolutionary Socialist movements that were not completely based on the writings of Marx and Freidrich Engels. For example, in France Auguste Blanqui (1805-81) formed a small socialist party of conspirators and agitators, which he hoped would bring down the capitalist state and replace it with a permanent workers' government. In England, Hyndman (184201921) formed the short lived Social Democratic Foundation in 1884, and organisation dedicated to the destruction of the bourgeoisie state by revolution or other means. Both these movements failed to achieve their goals, and were remarkably unsuccessful. The seemed to lack the scientific rigour of Marxism and their ideas on what could replace a capitalist state proved to be hazy and unspecific. Karl Marx believed however, that the only way to overthrow Capitalism would be a revolution in the form of the dictatorship of the proletariat. Marx argued that the working class would achieve class consciousness, and would

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