QCF level 5 unit 502 Essay

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Level 5 Diploma Leadership and Management Health and Social Care Unit 502: Promote Professional Development OUTCOME 1 1.1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice 1.1 – it is important for me to continually improving my knowledge, and ensure that I am aware of, and follow, the current health & social care standards, legislation, and guidelines for good practice. Learning new skills and refreshing training enables me to progress, and achieve within my career and working practices. Personal development benefits me, but also Company, and the young people in my care. The focus of training tends to be on the staff group, to ensure that all recommendations and standards are achieved. CPD is…show more content…
In my role I am bound by regulations, codes of practice, and care standards. The Care Standards state that I should: • Protect the rights and promote the interests of residents and carers I achieve this within my role by ensuring residents and their families are informed, kept up to date and by providing clear choices. I will act as an advocate on behalf of the young people in my care, to ensure they are represented and heard. • Promote the independence of residents while protecting them as far as possible form danger and harm Within my role I have to compile risk assessments that recognise the choice and independence of residents, whilst ensuring the safety of residents and staff members. The risk assessment may be regarding social activities that may involve equipment or actions, which could cause harm or injury. • Be accountable for my practice and take responsibility for maintaining and improving my knowledge and skills. I am responsible for ensuring that my mandatory training is up to date, and that I follow all codes, legislation, and recommendations when performing my duties. I will ensure that my job description is current, and am aware of my responsibilities within my role. It is important that I attend refresher courses to update my practical skills, and attend new training courses to improve my working knowledge and skills.
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