QI Plan Part 2

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Quality Improvement Plan Part II September 8, 2014 Lori Stemen Measuring Performance HCS/588 Instructor Jacqueline Sommerville Quality Improvement Plan Part II For health care organizations quality data collection is an essential tool used for data collection. The information produced from the data assists the health care organization in other functions such as effective ways to manage and perform decision making for the organization, this includes the strategic planning process. Quality improvement is the method of assessing processes and provides the information necessary to improve services. All of this together allows the health care organization to become a high producing system of…show more content…
This also offers the organization to provide the opportunity to make timely changes to their systems. Benchmarking for clinical performance measurement involves collecting and reporting data on practices’ clinical processes and outcomes. Measuring clinical performance can create buy-in for improvement work in the practice and enables the practice to track their improvements over time. This information should also be used to identify and prioritize improvement goals and to track progress toward those goals. In addition, these data should be used to monitor maintenance of changes already made ("Module 7. measuring," 2013). Benchmarking can also be utilized to do a comparison between other health care organizations, provide areas where training could improve staff functions. How Tools are Helpful for a Health Care Organization Data collected provides the health care organization, providers, administrators and the patients with valuable information. Tools assist the organization by measuring the performance data that provide the information to improve the patient experience and improve their care. These tools engage the organization in self-evaluation on an ongoing basis. These tools also provide and effective method of containing costs and provides the means to meet the regulatory requirements to improve quality care. Tools allow organizations to provide a
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