QI Plan for Meal Improvement in Hospitals

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QI Plan for Meal Improvement in Hospitals It is established knowledge within the medical community that patients must have sufficient nutrients and caloric intake in order to properly recover from illness and injuries. In fact, proper nutrition extends the life and health of even the most elderly patients (Olin, 1996). Unfortunately, this realization is often not appreciated within hospitals as the majority of hospital patients lose weight while at the hospital (Dupertuis, 2003). While at first glance, this would most likely be blamed on lack of appetite from disease, studies have revealed that the root cause is food waste by patients. In fact, most hospital patients waste at least 40 percent of the total food served to them (Barton, 2000). Furthermore, none of the patients studied indicated a lack of appetite due to illness, but rather undesirable food (Dupertuis, 2003). The organization Scottsdale Memorial Hospital is a full-service hospital caring for the residents of Scottsdale, Arizona and the nearby cities. This hospital, like all others, struggles with maintaining a nutritious and yet appetizing menu for patients. The mission for this organization is to end this cycle of food waste and transform the food options into those that are both healthy and delicious. The QI goals are four fold for this task. The first goal is to conduct an internal study of the hospitals on the same lines as the study conducted by Dupertuis. Nurses will be expected to serve patients

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