QI Project Reflective Essay

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The initial phase of any QI initiative should begin with the formulation of a multidisciplinary team that includes key stakeholders in the process change or improvement (EVP chap 10). Therefore, ensuring that there are pediatric nurses engaging in the development and implementation of the PEWS tool is crucial to its success (Murray). Team development will require the recruitment of a doctor or advanced practitioner from each of the four hospitalist teams as well as a registered nurse (RN) from each of the five general inpatient floors and ICU. Initial meetings will be spent reviewing organization specific data related to adverse medical events utilizing chart audits and developing the aims of the QI project (EVP chapter 10). Once aims are established the team can move forward with selecting a PEWS tool and creating the necessary policy for use. The most optimal tool for implementation would include one that is easy for healthcare providers to use and requires the routine monitoring of clinical parameters (Murray). Teammate education plays a key role in implementing the PEWS tool in any setting and should focus on how to appropriately use the chosen tool and algorithm as well as how to recognize patients who may be…show more content…
The staff will utilize paper copies of the PEWS tool to allow for periodic changes to be made and avoid the costs accrued with frequent changes within the electronic medical record (EMR). Data will be collected over a 20-week timeline then analyzed by the project team. A final version of the organization's PEWS tool will be created based on the analyzed data. Finally, the last step of the project will be to have the tool embedded into the organization’s EMR. A GANTT chart provides a visual outline for the timeline and progress of a proposed project (AHRQ). Appendix B contains the GANTT chart for the proposed PEWS
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