QNT561 Sampling and Data Collection Pla Essay

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Sampling and Data Collection Plan


October 27, 2014

Royal Blue Airlines is a medium sized airline company offering flights throughout the United States, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, and Latin America. The company operates a fleet of Boeing 737 aircrafts and is in the process of replacing older ones with newer, state-of-the-art planes. These new planes are very expensive, so management wants to maximize passenger count. A study has been authorized to determine: Is there is a difference in the number of passengers taking flights (DV) that are based upon certain days of the week (IV)?
Population and Size
The population for this study consists of airline passengers that numbers in the
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Another randomly selected number from 1 to 25 is chosen to be the interval value n. Each sample contains the first member and each subsequent nth survey until the sample size is reached. This method is simple; each survey response is given an equal probability of being selected, and the whole population of surveys will be evenly sampled.
Sample Size Calculation
The sample size is a simple calculation using stated parameters such as confidence level or Z-Score, margin of error, and standard deviation. For this research study, the confidence level is 95%, and the margin of error is 5%, therefore, each sample size is determined to be 289 responses. The calculation is in Appendix B.
Validity and Reliability
Validity in research “establishes whether the results obtained meet the requirements of the scientific research method” (Shuttleworth, 2014). This research has validity because the surveys are not mandatory, and selection of each sample is through random selection using systemic sampling. Reliability in research means any "significant results are inherently repeatable" (Shuttleworth, 2014). Additionally, other researchers must be able to perform the same experiment under similar condition and achieve the same results. This research method is simple and given a random number generator; it is easily repeatable.
Data Collection
The number of surveys for each flight will match the
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