QPOC/IRIS Intertextual Analysis

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QPOC/IRIS Intersectionality and People of Color

I attended a two-part event hosted by IRIS, Queer People of Color, the Latin American Student organization, and the Association of African American Students. The first part of the event was specifically hosted by QPOC. QPOC is an intimate group discussion lead by LGBT Peer Advocates, who are students trained to educate their peers about LGBTQ issues. This particular meeting focused on Solange’s new hit “Don’t Touch my Hair” and safe spaces. A safe space is a place that people no matter color, creed, sexual orientation or gender should feel open to express themselves as they are. The reason that this was being discussed is because, Safe spaces or safe zones have been under attack by university
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It provides firsthand experience to “Lesbians in Revolt”, “A Black Feminist Statement” and “A Culture of Romance”. Black Feminist is a political statement of intersectionality. Intersectionality is a fairly new focus, even though in all of these work, but especially in “A Black Feminist Statement”, intersectionality is discussed. Kimberlé Crenshaw, the executive director of the African American Policy Forum and a professor of law at Columbia University, said it best in the Washington Post on September 24, 2015. “Intersectionality was a lived reality before it became a term”. One of the women in my group described exactly what all three of these works tried to emphasize. Being in marginalized group is a battle in America, being in apart of many marginalized groups is a constant war. This was a common sentiment. Even a s young adults people are tired of being in a constant fight for their rights, however they will never give up the fight for equality. Thar resilience is exactly what Charlotte bunch is expressing in Lesbians in revolt, lesbianism is a threat to male supremacy. This is true of all intersectionally marginalized people, to the class of people who deny our rights. Brunch highlights that supremacy is expressed through ideological, political, personal, and economics means. All these things make a person and what they struggle to fight. The Combahee river collective expressed that one of the biggest problems of organizing black feminist is trying to fight oppression on a full range of oppression. What we have learned in class has been lived by many of these people. If it hasn’t been lived, they are aware of struggle and any are willing to fight for all of their
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